Universal Yums

Universal Yums sends you a box of snacks and candies from a different country every month. The products we select are delicious, unique, and often extremely difficult (or even impossible) to find in the United States. But we send more than incredible Yums. Each box also comes with an interactive guidebook to steer your adventure – including trivia, games, recipes, culture, and more!

No matter what country we’re featuring, you’ll always find a variety of sweet and savory snacks, all with unique flavors and spices. Our dedicated product discovery team works directly with manufacturers in the featured country, and selects only the most delightful snacks and candies to put inside your box. We explain why we chose each snack in our informative guidebook, so you can learn more about every new taste sensation!

My Review

Universal Yums is one for the adventurous eater. Keep in mind, these treats come from around the world so culturally, tastes are different. I live in Australia, so boxes take around a month to come, however if you are in the USA I believe delivery will be much quicker. In June 2020, I recieved the “United Kingdom” box. Upon opening the box, I saw a bright, fun, animated sheet that welcomes us to the United Kingdom! Big Ben is pictured, along with a hot air balloon, and facts about Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland! The back features a “Yum Scoreboard” (which now has room for all tasters), the items that were this month’s “rejects,” and a vote to decide where the next box should come from. Also included was a detailed pamphlet packed with information about our United Kingdom snacks. There interesting little summaries about each snack in this box, also including nutritional information, a recipe, a playlist, a trivia challenge, games, and more! The stand out candy and treats I loved from this box included Rhubarb & Custard Chews, Clotted Cream Fudge and Pickled Onion Rings. I was not as impressed with the Welsh Lamb & Mint Potato Crisps, but each to their own.  I love the fact that not only do we get a geography lesson, but we learn so much about places that we have never been before, in a fun and engaging manner. The variety of snacks interesting, and while we didn’t love everything, we certainly had a lot of fun at least giving everything a try.

If you would like a fun, adventurous box of treats, that will excite you each month with something different, I highly recommend this candy and treat box!


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